samedi 13 octobre 2007

Lanternon du futur et GPS

Une partie de cette technologie (GPS, cartes debit et credit, meteo, ESPN, Nouvelles, etc) est deja installee dans plus de 700 taxis New-Yorkais (photo du haut)


Turning passengers into real backseat drivers -- that's what Antenna envisions with a control panel that allows riders to monitor and manage their quick trips. A GPS map gives riders their destination, ETA, and speed -- and can even inform them of traffic jams and alternative routes to provide the driver.

And a series of touch sensors allows passengers to adjust temperature and lights. A power outlet makes recharging laptops or cell phones a snap. Finally, a computerized payment system that takes ATM, debit, and credit cards means that passengers don't have to worry about having exact change or carrying small bills.

Antenna Design seeks to improve the entire taxi experience. The firm proposes redesigning the cab's rooftop light with a raised platform and a simple, orange neon VACANT sign that will let prospective riders instantly recognize whether a taxi is available.

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